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How was PLUTO developed?

PLUTO was developed through continuous collaboration with parents of children with DLD, adults with DLD, Speech and Language Therapists, Child Clinical Psychologists and Academics. Many previous research studies informed the content and set-up of the course (see below).

Please contact to find out more, or register your interest to get involved in the next course!

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Multi-stage project

PLUTO is the result of a multi-stage project, meaning there are many studies involved in building the intervention. This process involved: (1) a systematic review of existing psychosocial interventions, (2) qualitative interviews with both parents of children with DLD and adults with DLD, (3) a quantitative study to understand the psychosocial difficulties of children with DLD and (4) collaboration with parents and clinicians in developing and reviewing the course content. 

A huge thank you to every one who has been involved!

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Our Team

The team working on the PLUTO course is located across the Universities of Bath and Bristol. The project is funded by ARC West, part of the National Institute of Health and Care Research.

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Annabel Burnley, PhD

I am the lead researcher in both developing and piloting the PLUTO course. It will be me you are in contact with throughout the research and PLUTO course. 

I completed my PhD at the University of Bath, and currently work on a programme supporting autistic young people in their transition to adulthood (

The focus of my work is on developing new solutions to the psychosocial difficulties common to those with neurodevelopmental disorders - but for whom there is currently no traditional support available!

Previously, I have worked as both a researcher and therapist in the treatment of anxiety disorders and low mood at institutions including Yale University, Kings College London and the Helen Bamber Foundation.

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