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What does the PLUTO course involve?

PLUTO is an entirely online course for parents of children with DLD, between the ages of 6 and 11 years old.

The course itself involves 6 modules that will take between 6-12 weeks to complete (depending on your schedule). During these weeks, you will also have contact with the lead researcher (Annabel) over the phone. This is to help support you with the exercises and materials provided.

Each module is designed so that it requires no more than 45 minutes of your time each week (including time with your child). 

You can find a breakdown of the modules below:

Module 1: What is DLD?

Module 2: Your child's emotions

Module 3: Managing your child's worries

Module 4: Managing your own worries

Module 5: Building your child's confidence

Module 6: Working on social skills and planning for the future

You will be given your own unique log-in, which you can access through the 'Programs' tab above, as well as the pink 'log-in' button at the top right of this page. 

PLUTO is also part of a wider research project. This means taking part will involve contact with the research team both before and after you are given access to the course (for up-to 24 weeks). During this time you will be required to complete short weekly questionnaires 4-6 weeks before and 8 weeks after your involvement in the course. You can see the image below for a summary of this. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please email us at

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Course Overview: Course Overview

Each PLUTO course runs for up to 6 months, during which you will complete weekly questionnaires, and gain access to course materials. 

An example timeline is copied below. 

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Course Overview: Image
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